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preparing to go, but willing to stay July 9, 2009

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I remember a while back that one of my teammates from my BJ 2006 team told me…

“we must prepare to go and willing to stay… rather than preparing to stay and willing to go.” I took that to heart and have tried living a simple life knowing that i was willing to go, if and when God called. I am learning today that it’s much harder to go than i could ever imagine. there are many fears and many uncertainities ahead. But God is reminding me… “that this world has nothing for me…” and that he has complete control over my life. That HE alone is God. =)

I am constantly being humbled to know that our best ability to be given to God is our avaliability. that i cannot do ANYTHING to earn his love and grace. that HE ALONE is sufficient. ^_^


The road ahead July 2, 2009

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i leave in about 34 days. while trying to balance being responsible at home i am also buying furniture overseas and finding a place to store it for my new apartment…

Father, help me to enjoy all that is going on around me here and now.. help me to NOT worry aboout the future and what is to come! You are unchanging and you know all things. Thank you!