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PHOTO Update #1 ^_^ August 29, 2009

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heres some photos of friends and apartment stuff and classroom.. πŸ™‚ enjoy

here is the unfurnished bare bones of the apartment that i spent days cleaning mold, mildew, and dust.

bare living room bare kitchen bare bedroom

some of the sisters ive been blessed to spend time with

erika, me, susannah at our health check danielle jen and i before the first day of training diane, susanna outside the pearl


dinner with danielle, james, auntie helen, and uncle peter gourmet dinner at pizza hut in superbrand mall JAMES VISIT :) hair wash :) the trims happening :) my hair washing too! haircuts 25 yuan my guest room :)

my classroom after cleaning for dayss…

classroom 1 whiteboard

some yummy foods. πŸ™‚ china would not be china without its food πŸ™‚ except eating out is actually pretty frustrating when you cannot speak or read.. as well as OILY and UNHEALTHY when it is ALL the time, every single meal. itll be good to settle in so i can cook some stuff at home πŸ™‚

IMG_9366 IMG_9261 IMG_9264 IMG_9259


resolved life in China. August 23, 2009

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with the 2010 water droplet in nan jing dong lu.The life here is interesting. I’ve never seen so much dirt in my heart and in my attitude. I am thankful that daddy knows exactly what to put in our lives to refine us. The refinement process is never fun, but it’s always for our good.

I am thankful that through this i am learning how to submit my weaknesses to him. I feel weak 24/7 and i think that its true that he really draws me to himself through my weakness. kind of like that song. in my weakness HE SHINES through. πŸ™‚

Even though facebook isnt working.. im glad word press is begining to work again πŸ™‚


Shanghai Adventures (Email) August 11, 2009

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Hello Family!!

I wanted to let you know that i made it safely to Shanghai. πŸ™‚ Within the first 24 hours of arrival, I checked into the guest housing, went to service, a pizza/pool party, the police station to register as a resident, saw the SMIC company, saw my future apartment, made some new friends, and played nertz in one of the fellow teachers apartments.

Thank you for the yarps for the traveling to SH from the states. There was no complications really! PTL. πŸ™‚ I am currently staying in a guest housing and waiting until my apartment is cleared out and cleaned of mold so i can move in and start buying furniture for it.


1. got to the smic headquarters safe and sound
2. people are very welcoming, helpful, and friendly
3. survived jet lag for the first days here
4. have internet to update yall
5. already seeing the ripe harvest among the people here…
6. health has been good, no major complications (there is a flu going around tho) and only ONE mosquito bite! ^_^
7. though typhooning, the weather is bearable.
8. the thanksgiving service company reminded me of how big the universal body is!
9. tons of mini stry opportunities, locals, teaching assistance (TA), manufacturing assistance (MA), youth group… (still learning more)

please lift the following to Daddy for me πŸ™‚

1. move in process: clean up the apartment make sure no more mold, buy the needed furniture (within this next week)
2. i am constantly being humbled by being here, yarp for my attitude and my heart to be patient when the unexpected happens (which is ALL the time) SO MUCH OUT OF OUR CONTROL!
3. the many many people i meet on a day to day basis, from the cleaning ladies and security guards to the many new teachers, that i would be intentional with my time and investment with people
4. begin thinking about where He wants me to serve… SO many opportunities its almost overwhelming…
5. teaching preparations and training is going to be pretty intense begins friday

Thank you all for walkking in this crazy adventure with me. i know that i cannot do this alone.. i miss you all very very much. Life here is completely different than back ath ome.. theres lots to compare and complain about.. but he is gracious and allowing me to see that He has prepared in advance these things for me to do…:)

hope all is well wherever you are too. may he bl3ss you beyond imagination

clinging to His unfailing love,
christine ^_^


Church Retreat in July August 7, 2009

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our CBC retreat focused was focused on expressing ourselves through poetry. it was amazing to see the ways that Daddy had worked through the vulnerability and love of the body. Here is mine that i didnt end up sharing. πŸ™‚

Context:Β  If you asked me about 2 months ago, what my dream is… it would be to serve overseas in China through teaching. And here, I am having the dream come true, yet scared out of my mind. God has been faithful in my life even before I knew him. He pursued me and brought me to Himself, by grace alone. This poem is a small expression of the complex feelings that are going on in my heart and mind. I am clinging to the truths I know about God rather than the fears I have for the journey ahead. J

Fears to Faith

By Christine Joan Chan

The cross before me, the world a blur

The next step is clear, yet my heart is unsure

Even before I knew You, You had prepared the way

And allowed me to be with You, wherever I stay

When life changes and transitions come,

My expectations and weaknesses all come from

A place in my heart that I must commit

My soul and my life, I unwillingly need to submit

Overwhelmed with emotions and feelings of fear,

I’ve come to a place that I can’t even hear,

That You say β€œI love you, my child, you are not alone.

I want you to follow because you’re not your own.”

Leaving behind all the comfort and people I love,

I must keep my heart and my eyes on You above.

I’ve been learning it’s not about me and what I can do

But all about You and Your glory to shine through

You alone will take and hold my hand

And will lead and guide me when I think I can’t stand

There is nothing to fear when You are my sight

You alone are sufficient and perfect in might.


blessed to be a blessing!

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I am constantly reminded of His great love for me, even through this struggle!

I know that when i get onto that plane and land in shanghai.. that i am blessed beyond measure.

Thank you family and friends for being blessings in my life that enable me to go out and love on others through HIM. πŸ™‚

So much ahead. πŸ™‚