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PHOTO Update #1 ^_^ August 29, 2009

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heres some photos of friends and apartment stuff and classroom.. 🙂 enjoy

here is the unfurnished bare bones of the apartment that i spent days cleaning mold, mildew, and dust.

bare living room bare kitchen bare bedroom

some of the sisters ive been blessed to spend time with

erika, me, susannah at our health check danielle jen and i before the first day of training diane, susanna outside the pearl


dinner with danielle, james, auntie helen, and uncle peter gourmet dinner at pizza hut in superbrand mall JAMES VISIT :) hair wash :) the trims happening :) my hair washing too! haircuts 25 yuan my guest room :)

my classroom after cleaning for dayss…

classroom 1 whiteboard

some yummy foods. 🙂 china would not be china without its food 🙂 except eating out is actually pretty frustrating when you cannot speak or read.. as well as OILY and UNHEALTHY when it is ALL the time, every single meal. itll be good to settle in so i can cook some stuff at home 🙂

IMG_9366 IMG_9261 IMG_9264 IMG_9259


4 Responses to “PHOTO Update #1 ^_^”

  1. Brian Says:


  2. beth Says:

    oh BEANN!! how fun!! your apt looks nice and your classroom looks tidy 😀 bless you & your home, we’ll be thinking of you :))


  3. I really like the pictures because it helps me imagine what everything looks like for you. 🙂 Excited for you! And press on, dear!

  4. Y Says:

    looove your cute teacher haircut 🙂

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