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WORK life in China September 12, 2009

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Hello friends!!

I’ve been wondering when it is I will be able to blog. My days are filled with work. and my weekends are spent lesson planning. If i ever thought that teaching in china would be easier in the states.. BOY was i wrong.  I believe china has created in me a workaholic because really I work too many hours. We are required to be at work from 7:45am-4:30pm.. among those hours i teach (have my 7-8 year olds) from 8am to 11am then from 12pm to 3:30pm. I tell you it is a LONG day. Plus my fellow 2nd grade teacher, Danielle and i have stayed until 8/9pm a couple nights… (since we live right across from the school, its easy to stay at work or to go back after dinner). Teaching has continually been hard. though i have one year of experience… i feel as if i am doing year one all over again. with completely new rules, policies, expectations (that are far greater than i could imagine). I realize teaching is something that is not natural for me.. its definitely a skill that is given as well as takes time to develop… Teaching takes SO much out of me… the creativity, thinking on your toes, and making 2500 decisions a day… it can be exhausting, i must sleep by 9pm in order that i can stay awake and be prepared for the next morning.

I do think that my favorite part of the week is on Tuesdays and Thursdays, where my kids do morning exercises. its kind of cute. it’s seriously like the movies.. (and if you grew up overseas probably did this too). they all form uniform lines and are pretty good at following directions. ^_^

back to school night for parents went much better than i had expected. PTL for that! and thanks for rapping! i think sometimes i am better with adults than i am with kids. it is kind of ironic but… i think it might be because i too expected too much from my kids. but learning to let go and realizing how much these kids need to be kids. Coming from the Hayward School i taught at, the demographics of these kids and the parents support is COMPLETELY different. I think i must continually remember that even though my life here is SO different.. Daddy is still the same and he loves these kids just as much as those. i know that these parents want the best for their kids.. but sometimes i really think they should remember too that they are only 7.  The kids here dont know how to play. they dont know how to have funn. all they do is take books and sit outside and read.. or do homework.. its kind of sad the childlike laughter that is a bit robbed from these kids.. =/ goal: let students enjoy and not be socially awkward. Im rapping for a greater love for these kids. it can only come from him, since ive seen how easily i run out… must come from the one that is unendingly overflowing… 🙂

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