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Eric’s Korean Drama October 30, 2009

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Eric’s Korean Drama

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I thought I would share with you and hope it makes your day like it made mine.

My boy, Eric, had to write his “own ending” to a story that we read called A Letter to Amy. Basically its about a boy named Peter who invites a girl named Amy to his party. But she’s the only girl. The story doesn’t tell why and its up to the reader to discover… The story ends with peter blowing out the candles and making a wish….

So heres where they had to come up with their own story.
Eric read his out loud to the class and I seriously BUSTED OUT LAUGHING.

But here’s his story. Im scribing it for him.
A Letter to Amy Continued

Peter wished he marrie with Amy. Because he love Amy. Friends played many games. They ate dinner in Peter’s home too.
Eddie got heart (hurt). So, he went to the hospital. Because he jumped on the desk. And he fall down! “He dead.” Doctor said. So, birthday party finished.

Next day, amy visit his house (Peter’s) with parrot. Amy said, “hello Peter!”
Parrot said. “HELLOO PETER!!”
Amy said, “im never ganna friend with you, Peter.”
When amy said that, he got shock.
Amy said, “ I think you pushed Eddie so he fall down!”
Peter said, “No!” “it’s your misunderstanding!”
Amy said, “I don’t think so its my misunderstanding?”
And she said, “so im never ganna friend with you!”
“Because I love eddie!”
Peter got shock again.
Peter said, “sooooo baaaaaaaaaddddddd!” (the way a korean kid would say it)
So, peter cant marrie with amy.

Season 2 next year.

I hope you enjoy. and rap for my little korean script writer. ^_^


2 Responses to “Eric’s Korean Drama”

  1. annie Says:

    SUPAHHHHHHHHHH. hahaha cute. im glad you recorded your room too! i wanted to see it! and it looks VERY cozy 🙂 cute kidssss!! bye christine laoshi

  2. alex Says:

    this totally made my day. TOTALLY!

    sooo baaaaaddddddd

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