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Happy Thanksgiving!! :) November 26, 2009

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wow. first thanksgiving away from home.. 🙂 happy slapsgiving ^__^ (HIMYM has new episodes that i cannot see!! boo!)

well.. i think this thanksgiving.. i could tell you many things that i am NOT thankful for…  however, there are MANY things i am. so since its thanksgiving, and were called to give thanks in all circumstances.. im just gonna list a few of the MANY that i am thankful for these past months… (in no particular order, well some are, and im sure im missing many!)

  1. J*sus,  Father, and HS.
  2. the cross, gr8ce, mercy
  3. fruit of spirit
  4. the word
  5. family
  6. friends (old and new)
  8. CBCSJ
  9. DCCC/Compass/Acacia
  10. Universal body
  11. knowing i am loved by the king
  12. how he expresses his love through people
  13. provision of food
  14. provision of shelter
  15. packages!!!
  16. HOTPOT in China-r
  17. Kim bap
  18. hot water
  19. fruits
  20. corny/lame/cheesey jokes
  21. the ability to walk
  22. the ability to see
  23. thoughtful friends
  24. long lunches
  25. American holidays
  26. the beauty of skype
  27. the wonderfulness of videochating
  28. having a job
  29. my kids
  30. my limited chinese
  31. being fluent in english
  32. being cantonese
  33. laughter
  34. sunrises
  35. my small group
  36. the ch*rch here in SH-TEF
  38. clean air (wish there was more here)
  39. stars at night
  40. GCHAT
  41. threads in gmail
  42. innocence of children
  43. moldability
  44. resilience
  45. cheese
  46. quesadillas!
  47. digital cameras
  48. the sparkles on water when sun rays hit it.
  49. Tongue scraper
  50. floss
  51. Pearl earrings
  52. friends that come to visit my life here in SH
  53. having a “simple” life
  54. water colors
  55. electric blanket
  56. goose down jackets
  57. fake markets (science and tech)
  58. HIMYM
  59. ridiculous english phrases/names/words that come from chinese people
  60. jap jae
  61. fan tuan and the guy that makes it
  62. taxi’s being relatively cheap
  63. eyelash extensions
  64. POST-IT’s
  65. Expo markers!
  66. crayola
  67. rubber spatula’s
  68. mugs with lids
  69. tupperware
  70. double-sided tape
  71. soft toliet paper
  72. index cards
  73. north face backpackets
  74. x-tian literature
  75. peanut butter
  76. facebook (though limited)
  77. subway/buses/taxi- all public transportation
  78. maps
  79. Qtips
  80. bath and body soap
  81. cell phones
  82. down comforters
  83. down pillows
  84. curtains that keep out sunlight
  85. elevators
  86. guards that sometimes help you cross the street
  87. abitlity to travel
  88. lotion
  89. facewash
  90. internet
  91. rice cookers
  92. refridgerators that are bigger than most
  93. things in bulk
  94. doctors and medical hospitals
  95. chapstick-softlips
  96. mirrors
  97. umbrellas
  98. rainboots
  99. slippers
  100. blue toliet water! ^__^

haha. theres one hundred things im very simply thankful for…. i think i did that in less than 10 minutes. 🙂 i am thankful though i may complain.. theres so many things we can see that are from him. i really think i have turned all the way around. PTL. i feel like myself once again.. 🙂 PTL. i am learning to be content whatever the circumstance. he is SO good. 🙂







i will leave you with this photo… of my cute boy alex being silly as he was getting the H1N1 vaccination shot. 🙂 more stories to come ^_^ happy slapsgiving, y’all! 🙂



One Response to “Happy Thanksgiving!! :)”

  1. Theresa Poon Says:

    Good for you, Christine, for the list.
    Yes it’s often easy to gripe and not so easy to be thankful.
    Thanks for the reminder.
    Happy Thanksgiving, from thousands of miles away.

    Auntie Theresa
    P.S.–how’s the school/company/new boss situation?

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