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many of my favorite things… (in picture form) November 27, 2009

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so though the transition to chinar has been quite rough (again more than i can explain), I must say.. there is MUCH that i am thankful for.. and besides the list of 100. I am learning that I have many favorite things in chinar.. that totally make each waking moment go by sooo much better.. truly.. each of these are a reminder of His Gr8ce and His love for mee ^___^

1. the joy of traveling with mommy chan to Qing Dao & the freezing cold beaches in china-r.

2. the sun still sparkles when shining on water. 

3. 2nd Grade creativity and knowledge: Alex’s Octopus research project: (made of clay and sand)did you know that octopus have three hearts? their blood is blue? and the male dies after it mates, and the females die after its eggs hatch? 3b. Elaine’s Ostrich (made of a waterbottle, chopsticks and cotton). did you know that an ostrich is the largest bird in the world? they have no natural enemy. they like to eat shiny things. so they often eat diamonds, therefore diamond hunters kill ostriches to get the diamonds.

4.  really cute little girls named Skylar (named after luke skywalker) that has ridiculous parents that are such an example of what it means to abandon all for the sake of the g-spel.

5. living by so many water towns: jiaxing

6. the quality people that are a part of P.Co and the awesome accountability group i have.. specifically from L to R: Mary, Andrea, me, Annie, and Vivian. (NO JOKE, their names are QUITE similar to a few of my FAVORITE friends!!)

7. Hotpot. 

8. Birthday surprises/celebrations for my close favorite friends here. (L to R: Jen Shang, Diane, Susannah, Dana, me, Danielle, JenChan).

9. H1N1 Vaccination at SMIC: my pretty korean boy, ian, was scared outta his mind.. while my class clown, alex, was being silly. Getting the H1N1 vaccination in china is a bit ridiculous.. but its china. expect the unexpected.. look at them. 🙂 SOOO cute.

10. my athletic class that won  GOLD medals for Sport’s day, YAY Matthew!! YAY 2D!!

11. jolin that almost “froze her nose off” because miss chan made her go out to do morning exercise. lol.

12. Kathleen’s Family & Family friends coming to visit and chris and… 🙂 🙂 🙂

13.  shanghainese food!! Xiao Nan Guo… haven’t had this good stuff since i left CA. 🙂 🙂 🙂 xiang jin bao, xiao long bao, and, fai zhu ro, dao miao and bamboo shoots 🙂

14. mirror pictures and KATHLEEN being with me in SH!! 🙂

15. for chris and kathleen, for the catch-ups, the laughters, the company that was so memorable! 🙂 

16. china version of Taco trucks: Yummy taiwanese sandwiches (fatty pork, lettuce, and spicy spices) off the subway street venders

17.  nice evening stroll around Sci & Tech trying to find a KFC. and running for our lives across the street

18. Mcdonald’s in china. at the begining it was so frustrating to go out to eat because if you cant speak you cant read and dont know what to order. most places in SH dont have english menus.. except for McD’s. ALWAYS will be a favorite.. DEEP FRIED TARO PIE!! 🙂

19. the ability to bargin and for getting cheap fake jackets and hats to save us from the freezing cold SH winters.

20. the ability to pamper myself for very cheap. ^__^ (look carefully) ^___^

21. birthday celebrations in the classroom with poppers ^_^

22. Kids being kids ^__^ their laughter, goofyness, sillyness, their ability to make me laugh. for my T.A.

23. the gracious invitation to Pstor Jason’s house for our first thanksgiving away from home ^__^ and the conviction, whether in china or in the states to reach out to the “homeless” in the future.

24.  Classroom Thanksgiving feast/potluck: especially Homemade Kimbap

25. Homeroom moms: their thoughtfulness, generosity, and support.. 🙂 organized our thanksgiving meal wiht TONS of leftovers that i could bless many other teachers with after school and.. will probably last me until NEXT weeek!

26. playgrounds,  friday fun, when my kids are SOOO good they earn rewards ^_^ from monkey bars, to swings, to frisbees, to soccer, to play structures, and laughing hysterically.

27. raising up servant boys and girls: whether cleaning my white board or getting me hot water ^_^

28. Soft serve ice cream and street food: bacon wrapped mushrooms to lamb skewers ^_^ 

29. nice big bed, with clean ikea sheets,  level 5 in warmth down comforter,  down pillows, and an electric blanket. my desk whiich has my laptop which lets me VCHAT/SKYPE! 🙂

30. goose/duck feathers in a down jacket ^__^ that keep me from freezing ^__^ i actually got two: a red and a white, not this blue one.

sooo in china.. though theres many “inconviences” in life.. there are also MANY blssings. though we may not count them all… He gives UNENDINGLY!

overwhelmed with gratitude, christine ^__^


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  1. steph Says:

    christiney! i like! 🙂 happy late thanksgiving! will write you soon 🙂

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