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Turkey Speeches December 1, 2009

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in second grade at SMIC, students write speeches on why they shouldn’t be chosen for the turkey table… it’s really cute… ^__^ hope you enjoy. 🙂

Prompt: Imagine you are a turkey and Thanksgiving is coming soon. Now you really don’t want to be chosen for the dinner table. Write a speech explaining why your partner is a better choice for the dinner table.


Disgusting Turkey

Written by Eric Park

November 2009


Thanksgiving is coming up.

I am bad choice for the dinner table. My name is Alien Turkey. I really look like an alien. When people see me, they said “Sick!” Or “is that really a turkey?” I have H1N1.  If you eat me, you will also have H1N1.

Last year, I live in a trash bin.

So, I am super putrid. I also taste like trash.

I look like monster, too because I don’t have any skin. Yesterday, my eyeballs popped out!  So, I am very disgusting.  Even farmer Joe doesn’t want to look at me! If you eat me, you will turn into a disgusting person, or you might die. In my opinion, you shouldn’t choose me.

But my partner Matthew is good choice. He is so healthy. And he is also strong. He van even beat a lion! But don’t say “Impossible!” He can even kill the lion! But he’s not rambunctious around people. In my opinion, if you cooked him, he will smell very good. I think he will be tasty too. Do not choose me.


I am a Bad Turkey

Written by: Alex Hu

November 2009


Thanksgiving is coming up. You don’t want me to be on the dinner table. Here are some reasons not to choose me for your dinner table. Here are some reasons not to choose for the diner table. My flesh and meat won’t fill your tummy. I am skinny. I also live in a garbage can. I have 10,000,00 germs on me. I don’t have tender meat. My meat is very. Plus, I was diagnosed with swine flu! I am also sticky and putrid. If you cook me, my eye balls will pop out and hit you. so do not choose me.

Choose my partner, Annie, the turkey. She has much more flesh than me. She also has more meat than me. She will fill your tummy. Annie the turkey is much more clean than I am. Annie does not even have one germ on her. annie the turkey has very very tender meat. She will be so yummy. Annie the turkey is the best turkey in the world. Annie the turkey had never been sick before.

If you eat me you will get swine flu. You might even get a stomachache and start throwing up. If you eat me, your meat is going to be dry like mine. You would also get very sick. If you get very sick, it’s not my fault because I warned you, not to choose me!


Hi, I’m Cheeky Le Turkey. Thanksgiving is coming and i think it is not wise to choose me for your dinner table. Here are some reasons to support my opinion. I am so skinny. I don’t have much flesh to fill your tummy. i am also very old. my tough meat won’t taste good on your dinner plate. my flesh might even give you indigestion! added to that, i have swine flu and Eczema. I am also stinky because I have never showered in my entire life.
Let me give you a suggestion, choose my partner, Michael Fin Turkey. Michael Fin Turkey is strong, energetic, and enthusiastic. He can provide you with a satisfying meal of tender meat because he is young and has more flesh. oh, and not to forget, he has just passed a recent medical check up.
People say “You are what you eat.”  well, if you eat me, you might get swine flu, eczema, skinny and an oder body. think twice before you act. and dont choose me or else you will regret it.

The Thanksgiving Turkey

Written by: Matthew Tang

November, 2009

Hi! I’m Stinky the turkey. I know Thanksgiving is coming and you are going to choose the Thanksgiving turkey. You really don’t want me to be the Thanksgiving turkey. I could give you 4 reasons you shouldn’t choose me.

One reason is that I am from the world of garbage. If you eat me, you will turn into a piece of garbage. Another reason is that if you try to catch me, my eyeballs will pop out and hit you. The third reason is that if you cook me, I will pee in your oven and your oven will explode. When it explodes, I will go up into the air and land on your head. Then I will get so scared that I will pooh on your head. Then it will slide down your face.

I will stuff pooh in your mouth if you try to catch me. The last reason is that I have H1N1. If you eat me, you will also get H1N1.

You should choose my partner, Champion the turkey. He takes bath everyday. He has never been sick in his whole life. He is healthy. If you eat him, you will become very strong.

I hope you know by now whom you should choose for the dinner table. If you choose me, you choose to die.



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    I wanted to thank you for this excellent write up. I surely liked every little part of it. I have you bookmarked and will be reading more.

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