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survived first massage in China December 4, 2009

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sooo china is KNOWN for having cheap things for all kinds of services… i usually dont like to “pamper” myself.. but decided to join some other teachers for their monthly adventure….

58 kuai = $8.52 USD for One Hour… why not right?

man.. i normally DO NOT like massages.. just giving them… but i decided that i need to try. and so i did… it was quite the experience going with my friends, Diane, Tiffany, and JenChan. There were MANY funny moments and comments made as we were under the scrutiny of our masseuses.

Though there were many painful moments.. it was well worth it… and i’d definitely do it again, that part at least.

While being on the massage table… you are quite vulnerable with your back bare and all… with giggling, groaning,  and comments like… ” i think he’s trying to kill me..” to “what on earth is she doing…” ” ohhhh sooooo goood…” ” wow, ive never known there could be so many knots in my butt..”

” ohhh, that hits the spot.” massages bring out a side of us that i’ve never seen before… we definitely bonded more and got to know each other more. what a blssing. 🙂 and my masseuse, no. 31, said “i have NO knots…” now that’s pretty awesome!

however, im a little gan mao (sick) and so they offered me this gua xia (aromatic scraping) thing… where they take this ivory scraper and scrap my back…something about friction and pressure and… chinese herbal/holistic medical procedures… its pretty crazy.. cause my back looks like i got beat. and im trying to sleep tonight.. but dono how its gonna work.. if  you wanna

see a photo, let me know… but just to let you know.. it looks like i got beat. and if you know me then you  also know that i bruise easily.. like a peach. =/

anyway.. those of you wanting/planning

to visit.. 🙂 we will go to get a massage together… MY TREAT! 🙂

things im looking forward to….

Andrea’s visit in DEC 18!!

Hong Kong during Christmas

Beijing for new years

Clarissa’s visit on Jan 6th

Lynn’s visit on Jan 10th

Harbin : Jan 23

Home for 11 days ^__^

P.CO Retreat: Noah’s Ark in HK-Chinese new year

then…. to second semester… =P


2 Responses to “survived first massage in China”

  1. jen Says:

    they massaged your butt too?? scandalous!

  2. chinabean Says:

    yes, they do. but at least my masseuse was a woman. my weak conscience is cleared. did you see the photo i sent you?

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