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Urgent request from my Principal December 9, 2009

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From: Yuan_Han
Sent: Wednesday, December 09, 2009 9:33 AM
To: ES_EnglishTeachers; MHS_EnglishTeachers
Cc: YanDing_Zheng; JianPing_Feng
Subject: A tragedy at a private school in Hunan



Private School

Yuan Han, Ph.D.


The English Track

December 9, 2009

Dear All,

The day before yesterday, at a private school in Hunan, a tragedy happened when students rushed down the staircase.  Some of them stumbled and were stepped on by their fellow students.  As a result, seven boys and one girl were killed and 23 were hospitalized, among them 4 are in critical condition.

While expressing my grief and sorrow to these young lives lost, I would like our teachers to frequently remind our students of safety issues.  Ask your students not to run in hallways or on the staircases.  It is my wish that our students and faculty would be safe and sound, enjoying our beautiful life here at the SMIC School.


Yuan Han


I’ve been asking people to rap for more opportunities to share about the HOPE, JOY, PEACE, and LIFE that we have, especially during these seasons… and today when I received this email, I was shocked.

however, I PTL for the wisdom that He gave me. During lunch, I was asking daddy how He wanted to use this tragic situation in my class. I felt like it’d be good to share the email with my kids and have a moment of silence. So as lunch was over, and my kids trickled in, I tell them to sit quietly with nothing on their desk. They sit nice and quiet and I start off by saying… “Boys and girls, I have something very serious to share with you. Sometimes in life there are times that we can really good things happened and there are times when very sad and tragic things happen.  A couple days ago, something very horrible happened. ” I proceeded to read the email to the students. I, then explained, ” In the U.S. when something like this happens we have a moment of silence. A moment of silence is an extended period of silence where if you believe in Gd you can yarp for the lives that were lost. but even if you don’t rap or know Gd you can take the time to think about what happened as well as pay respects to the families that have lost a loved one.” We had a moment of silence… and I began to rap and so did my TA. I know my students saw and those that aren’t part of the family were very respectful and almost even curious. I encouraged my students that though things like this happen, there is a “hope” that is beyond what we know. Afterwards my kids, I feel, really understood the seriousness of life and saw a glimmer of hope… There was more discussed and more opportunities to talk to individual students about what happened. 🙂

Needless to say, I am deeply encouraged and PTL for opportunity (and many more He will provide).

here’s the article:  (THANKS JAMES ^__^)


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