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possible h1n1… =) December 15, 2009

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Tonight after SG and dinner at Auntie Helen and Uncle Peter’s house, Dana and I went to visit our dear friend, Danielle, who took the day off because of a high fever. We knock on her door and wait quite a while before a coughing, very fevered lady opens the door… Danielle has gotten chills then high high fevers of 103 or more at least once every month.. but this time it was the second day.. and the fever didn’t subside.

after debates about tylenol and getting rest and other options, danielle crouches down and says maybe we should go to the hospital… dana and i quickly go back to our respective apartments, drop off our stuff, call the taxi, and rush back to danielles to get her things together….

sometimes i believe that just LIVING in SH requires SO much f8th. we got in the taxi and yarped continually that the Ld would protect us and allow us to have f8th that it was NOT swine flu. it’s about 10pm at this time and going to the hospital was really quite an adventure.

first hospital tells us that if her temp is above 38° C we must go to another hospital where they have proper equipment.. we sign some things and they take her temperature… singing and enjoying the cleanliness and emptiness of this hospital.. we  wait… she’s at a 39.5° C. so we get some face mask and head off to the next hospital… on the taxi ride to the next hospital… we talk about all the possibilities and what they will do if danielle DOES have h1n1.. about quaranteen, IV, and that all of her friends would also be checked and possibly quaranteened as well… mm didnt sound very happy especially with all that was that i was looking forward to… so we rapped and kept #2: not so clean, crowded, and many many sick people. i dono how much those masks help.. but sure enough.. im glad i had one. we sign the papers go to one room, hear a girl moaning over a spranged ankle… see tons of patients with IV pouches and in stretchers… we go wait in a line to talk to a doctor.we tell him: “the symptoms are sudden fever, coughing with mucus, chills, body ache…” The doctor checks her lungs, and says “it’s okay.” He tells us that she needs to get her blood tested. We go to the next counter, pay some money.. then find the blood test. the blood test in china was a finger prick. interesting. we wait 15 mins singing “amazing gr8ce” and other hymns.  it was crazy how comforting those hymns were despite the fear that Danielle might possibly have swine flu… but truly if He is for us.. who can be against us.^__^

the nurse beckons us over and has us take the paper print out to the doctor.. buncha numbers and chinese words.. ::no idea:: haha and we walk it back over to the doctor, who is VERY kind mind you. He tries to speak english with us knowing we are DEFINITELY foreigners. for all you doctor friends of mine.. who possibly wanna come to china… this is what it looked like…and sooo.. the doctor tells us that what these things are.. and how the arrows that point up is that you have too much, and the ones the point down are too low… and lots of other things i didnt understand… but the best news of the whole evening was when we asked is it h1n1, the doctor replied, “hah, no its not h1n1, your WBC (white blood cell) count is too high, you have an infection that your body is trying to kill off.” Dana translates more and talks to him in mandarin and he asks ” Would you like to take an IV?” Danielle being a very smart sick person asks if there is any other option. (NOTE: IN CHINA, sticking an IV in you is THE MOST common form of medicine when you enter into the hospital… dont ask me why? just is.) but he says, “yes, there are other options like antibiotics, Tylenol, and other chinese medicines.” we kindly take that option.. we go to another counter pay for the drugs.. then are off to the pharmacist. on the walk to the pharmacist, there are ROWS and ROWS of sick people in beds (no picture, sorry) BUT it lookked like a scene in the movies where we were in an army base with people lying in stretchers sick in bed with IV’s in their bodies and their loved ones in wooden chairs next to them. PTL that danielle asked for the other option or else we probably would have spent the entire night at the hospital.. we get the meds.. without getting any explaination.. and walk out of the hospital! 🙂 we sing the doxology and find a taxi right outside the hospital!! PTL for his timing!!on the car ride home we sing, “great is thy f8thfulness, come thou fount, shout to the Ld, Once again, and others..” and really am amazed as to how we got the news that its just an infection. the doctor told us that her WBC were so high and that is a great thing! PTL that our bodies are made to fight against infections and other diseases!! 🙂  all in all, 3 hours later… we made it home.. ready for bed, protected from disease, and pr8sing the Ld for his goodness. ^__^i leave you with this photos of one of jenchan’s kids, Darryl(isn’t darryl a CUTIE!?!) and me. We are cheering cause we won some raffle gifts for the Teacher Appreciation Luncheon, but i think the excitement on my face can also express how glad i am that Danielle does NOT have h1n1.  🙂 🙂 🙂

晚安了。我累死了!谢谢你看我的wordpress. ^__^


2 Responses to “possible h1n1… =)”

  1. zoya Says:



    HAHA. i miss you.

  2. chinabean Says:

    i can always depend on you, zoya. ^_^
    miss you too!

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