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one of the best decisions in coming to shanghai February 25, 2010

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must be that i joined a sending org… 🙂

i joined P.Co two short months before my departure.. and though at the beginning it was difficult in wondering why i did that or even why i needed one… i looked into a few different orgs, but ultimately the Lrd brought me back to… specifically as said by many.. “the best bang for your buck.”

i was advised that i needed to join a sending org (since i found the job on my own.. not really but Gd’s gr8ce surly did pour out) … the people that advised me gave me three specific reasons that really hit me why i needed one…

a. Authority. Everyone needs to report to someone else. If you are not accountable, the temptation to do things on your own instead of following the Big Boss is too great. If you look in the new book, even the great m Paul, was under the authority of the local clubs and to the big club in Jerusalem.

b. Accountability. Everyone needs to be accountable to someone else. Here on the field, there is a lot of freedom. No one to watch you. No one to tell you what to do. No one to tell you when you are wrong. You need these things in your life. We know of several people here on the field who are on their own. Many times, they have made decisions in a vacuum and on their own. Had they been part of a company, hopefully someone would have told them what they were doing wrong – and saved them a lot of heart ache.

c. Support. Everyone needs support. It’s hard on the field. REALLY hard. There are times, that we need advice from pco. Yes. You do have foreign friends here, but no one can understand what we had been going through. The other foreigners here are not equipped to help other foreigners. We were able to seek help from and it has been good for us.

AND man.. i have been SOOOO INCREDIBLY blssed! 🙂 we had our spring retreat at Noah’s Ark in HK (awesoome resort/theme park) and my friend, cliao wrote an awesome summary/lesson we learned…

Imagine a square of toilet paper (TP). Fold it in half, then halve it again. You’ve now divided the TP square into four sections. The middle line represents the year 0. Imagine that the distance between each line is 1000 years. That puts us at the rightmost edge of the TP square. Assuming the average person lives about 70 years, our lifespans are about the width of a felt-tip pen. For people who believe in eternal life (I’m one of them), even if you don’t realize this now, you implicitly believe that your life starts from the rightmost edge of the first TP square and goes on and on from there. By these calculations, a whole roll of TP is about 868,000 years. But your life doesn’t end even there! You, in essence, are immortal.

I’ve recently been wrestling with questions like these: What is my unique purpose in life? What are my gifts? What are my weaknesses? Where can I have the most impact? Where can I tap into my unique source of joy? However, due to my own short-sightedness, I ask these questions assuming they’re confined by the width of the felt-tip pen. I SHOULD be asking these questions with a mind set on eternity. E.g. If I have to see my manager for the next 1000 years, how should I treat him now? What kind of job do I want to have in the next millenium? How much will these troubles mean to me when the sun supernovas?

Having an eternal orientation certainly changes one’s perspective on everything. I feel like my perspective has been so dramatically altered that my head is STILL suffering from mental whiplash.

So here’s the question for this installment: Assuming you have a soul and that your soul will survive eternally, what is the first lifestyle change you would make?

serious soul searching and thinking going on in this mind of mine… ^__^ He’s VERY gracious. and knows how very itty bitty my heart is…

thankful for His long suffering with me, chinabean.

not only did i get the authority, accountability, and support… i didnt know id be so blssed to get it in the ways that He has POURED OUT unendingly. ^__^


where do i even begin… February 24, 2010

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It’s been almost 7 months since i’ve made SH my home… So many things have happened since my last post.. and i dont know where to begin… except to say that HOME was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. as was HK for the P.Co retreat… 🙂 so much to share so little time… hopefully my next update will tell you about my highlights as well as the lessons learned.. its all in my journal, just gotta write out things in a way that would be coherent for you ^__^

for now here are the photos on facebook from home ^_^ enjoy.