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sacrifice vs. obedience March 8, 2010

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I’ve been really blssed these past couple weeks with the beauty of AMAZING fellowship… I cannot tell you how HONORED and ENCOURAGED I am by the people that the Lrd has allowed my paths to cross in these past 7 months in SH, but even more specifically in the past month or two.

Shanghai is becoming more and more like home to me. I must say this is pretty incredible… and He has made me more resilient and adaptable than I had once thought would ever be possible.

After talking, pr8sing, and rapping with C & H this weekend, I was convicted to understand more of what it means to sacrifice vs. obedience…

It says in 1 sam 15:22:

Does the Lrd delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices as much as in obeiyng the voice of the Lrd? To obey is better than sacrifice…

So, I’ve always heard this verse and this weekend began to wonder what Father meant by it… H brought up the verse during our crazy midnight PM, and C was talking about what are the things JC prioritizes!!  I just listened, seeing what their thoughts were and what the Lrd was trying to tell me…

I began thinking about this the next morning, in addition to many other things, and realized that I don’t really get it… I was thinking… “but isnt sacrifice pretty important too, and if youre being obedient.. isnt there sacrifice involved? how does all this work together…?”

As I thought and asked the Lrd for wisdom, He showed me and remidned me to read the story of Abraham’s “sacrifice” of Issac @ Mount Moriah in Genesis 22. The sacrifice of Isaac by Abraham, truly was about obedience not necessarily sacrifice.

there’s a lot of thoughts going on in my head about… what is it that JC prioritized, obviously it was obedience… my thoughts have been  how hard it is to sacrifice… thinking about future, and what He is asking of me, how my sacrifices are a result of my obedience… i remember Helen telling me a while ago, that “if you’re willing now when you have not much… no husband, no family… its easier to be willing when you have those things.. and when the “stakes” are higher…”

ultimately, i want to be a place where i can obey JC regardless of the sacrifice.

on the phone at night, C explained it well, when she said… “Many can die for the Gspel, but few LIVE for it.”

contemplate that… i will tbc, after work today..  recess is over now and i must attend to my little people ^__^


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  1. jen Says:

    “recess is over now and i must attend to my little people ^__^”


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