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a first last? of many, in chinar March 15, 2010

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what is the phrase/advice that many parents always tell their kids about strangers…?

you might think it falls along these lines… is it, “Don’t talk to strangers…? or Don’t take candy from a stranger…? Don’t open doors for strangers…?”

All of these may sound a familiar to you… and im pretty sure my parents said that to me too.. however there was always ONE that i remember my mom said to me that was out of the ordinary…

“Don’t ride on motorcycles with strangers!”

that was an advice that i recall my mom telling me when i was young.. and this past weekend, i did not follow it… probably because my mumsy wasnt here.. but at the same time, im 25, and motorcycles are a nice way of transporting from one place to another… and C was gonna do it and i was going home with her, so why not? ^_^

so we were outside ZHONGSHAN park stop and found some guys on motorcycles calling out amounts of money, C haggled for us seeing if we both of us could go on one.. but we couldnt, and managed to get each ride for 8RMB. not bad!

so, it was a nice but starting to get chilly night, i get on first, C tells me where to hold on, no helmets, and tells my guy to follow her guy.

the thrill begins… five major thoughts went through my head.

1. im gonna die

2. my shoes are gonna fall off

3. i cant feel my legs

4. we almost hit that truck

5. that was a really quick/sharp turn.

well, it was fun. and i would definitley do it again. C said i was too tense. next time, ill try to relax… she said it woulda been more fun… lol. ^_^

I found out yesterday, that if i get hurt or killed due to a Motorcycle accident, my insurance does not cover it… therefore, i am rethinking before i get on another motty.

p.s. im considering getting an electric scooter next year ^_^…

to scooter or not to scooter?? what do you think?]

oh yah. for those of you that dont know, i’ve signed on another year. update on that soon.. ^_^


3 Responses to “a first last? of many, in chinar”

  1. beej Says:

    scooooter!! –so I can ride it when I come over…

  2. Jessica Says:

    get a scoooooter, but drive safely!!

  3. Brenda Says:

    There’s always e-bike! You can get to where you want and exercise at the same time. ^^ From what I’ve learned, they’re quite popular there too.

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