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His word in my heart March 15, 2010

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for my accountability group with, we decided to memorize verses together.. and MAN, is it hard. =( here’s the next one we are working on… Father definitely knew what he was talking about when he said that we must hide his words in our hearts, so that we may not sin against him… and also to be  ready in and outta season to share the goodnews in which we believe.

罗马书 6:23

因 为 罪 的 工  价 乃 是 死;

惟有  神  的恩赐,

yin1weizhui4degong1jia4nai3shi4si3 ;

weiyou3 shen2de en1ci

在  我们的 主 基督耶稣  里乃是   永生

zai4women3dezhu3 ji1du1 ye1su1 li  nai3 shi4 yong3sheng1

I have been learning how important it is for me to learn chinese well.. especially as i witness and share and train up local believers… 🙂 there are a few PR request that i have specifically for YP (my hair dresser) and my TA: NL. I’m gonna use initials in case i ever do get in trouble ^_^ haha.. 🙂 so yes, i will be starting a one on one BS with both of them, separately. 🙂 We’re gonna read through the good news book John since i found some in CH & EN while i was in HK… its pretty exciting, its DISCIP1Eship training of women, my FAV! ^__^ thanks, father, you are SO good!!


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