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Google, Inc. March 23, 2010

Filed under: life in SH — chinabean @ 2:06 am

Whenever I tell people I am from Mountain View, California… the line that proceeds is usually, “Where Google began!?” and yes, it is true. where i grew up there was FREE wifi for the entire city what a beautiful idea.

So when I first heard about Google’s pull out of china, I was a bit distraught. How can that be, gmail/gchat/gvchat, is my LIFELINE… =/

And the verdict is in, Google has officially announced they have stopped censoring their search services on, all the google searches, youtube, news, blogger, gmail, the google images, everything. =P

BUT we are getting redirected to which is  FINE by me.. and thanks to… she’s also discovered a page that has mainland updates

thanks, jt.


One Response to “Google, Inc.”

  1. JT Says:

    you’re welcome, CbeanieC.

    (btw, you might want to fix the links in this post!)

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