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minimalist.minimalist.minimalist. April 14, 2010

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For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

Luke 12:34

came across this blog…

will i ever become a minimalist… 🙂 i’d like to be… but im the worst kind.. where i think i am LM (low maintainence) but just with HM tendencies, right, JT? 🙂

benefits of minimalism


6 Responses to “minimalist.minimalist.minimalist.”

  1. jen Says:

    stop denying it….


  2. Kurt Says:

    tricky tricky tricky YOU–with those links in this post. I tried to click through to becoming minimalist and got a link to the CN earthquake story. You pulled the ol’ bait and switch 🙂

  3. christine Says:

    @ kurt haha. it did? oops. my bad. the links shouldnt be.. 🙂 go to the 🙂

    sorry. 🙂

    @ beej: im not denying it. i believe it. i coined the phrase.. “im LM with HM tendencies” 🙂

  4. Chris G Says:


  5. Jessica Says:

    im LM with HM tendencies

    haha maybe we all are…

    have a great day and i hope you’re feeling better

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