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National Day of Mourning in China April 21, 2010

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Children at a kindergarten in Jinan, Shandong province, hold a candlelight vigil in memory of Yushu earthquake victims on Tuesday. [Zhao Bo/China Daily]

” China announced a national day of mourning to be held Wednesday for victims of a devastating quake in a remote Tibetan region, as the death toll rose above 2,000.  National flags will fly at half-staff across the country and at its embassies and consulates overseas, marking one week since the earthquake hit, China’s Cabinet announced Tuesday. All public entertainment will be suspended.

Rescue officials said 12,135 people were injured in the disaster, with 1,434 of them in serious condition. Since the quake struck the country’s Tibetan region, rescuers have been working round the clock to find survivors and pull them from the rubble. The earthquake toppled about 15,000 homes in and around the impoverished county of Yushu, and caused more than 100,000 people to flee the area.”


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