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The Lrd will fight for you. August 29, 2010

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In short, I came back to Shanghai claiming the promise that Father would redeem SH. I had a plan to be proactive to have accountability/community and resolved that He is the ONLY one that would get me through. However, when i came back started orientation week it was still SUPER difficult.  I asked for unfailing strength or deliverance, father answered with a very specific confirmation.

I was offered resignation from my job @ SMIC, and I pryed and made the decision between Father and me, and I took it. 🙂 So now I am jobless and homeless… ^__^ My current plan is to stay in SH for another 6 months to study Chinese, serve at local club, part time job, amongst endless possibilities father will bring. 🙂 In terms of housing, people have been extremely gr8cious in helping and housing me ^__^

The story of HIS GLORY(intricate details and all) in this crazy journey is currently being written up… please stay tuned. 🙂

sorry f8thful readers that the difficulties through these months have inhibited me from writing and sharing with y’all. I, too, have been confused as to how to communicate what happened, but father has definitely made his way clear and Oh how he honors the heart the seeks him…  though times were dark, He truly brings forth light! The battle is real, and the Lrd, your God, will fight for you. If Gd is for us, who can be against us!! He has already won victory! ^___^

As I constantly must die to myself, he lives in me… JC in us is the HOPE of glory!


2 Responses to “The Lrd will fight for you.”

  1. daniellui Says:

    Yarping for you, sister.

    Remember that following CJ is not easy, and sometimes breaks your heart, but is always the better path. Keep trusting in Dad, he loves you too much to take you somewhere without a plan to show more of that love :).

  2. tiffonthego2 Says:

    :0) to the toughest cookie i know…加油!

    as a next chapter in life gift….I lend you my sister.

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