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communication… September 21, 2010

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I have seen and acknowledge that blogging/wordpressing is very difficult for me… as im a thinker and process very slowly and very detail-y… please forgive me… im trying to figure what is too much to share and what is just enough. many cool things have been happening… like my entire family came to visit -stephanie and michael… we explored most of SH and realized ive made it more of my home than i realized… (well this season of “rest” has given me the privilege to explore as well). We went to Yuyuan, The Bund, Nanjing Xi Lu, Nanjing Dong Lu, Pedestrian street, xintiandi, taikunglu, tianzifang, zhujiajiao, oriental land (lookedin), SH zoo, Science and Tech Museum, four days of expo… and TONS Of good eats ^__^ and lots of pampering massages, hair washes, oils, foot massages.. that were all MUCH needed after so much walking and touring! 🙂
Here’s some photos of my family adventures… ^__^

still more to come.. sister took over 3000+ fotos. 🙂

to see more photos: click


3 Responses to “communication…”

  1. Dor Says:

    Nice blog… and pics… i’m trying to upload some now too…. we slept for 2 days when we got back….

  2. Dorothy Aquisap Says:

    Hi Meimei… lovely blog…. miss u…

  3. jen Says:

    yang’s friend dumplings!!! they’re the BEST! i’m sad they closed down the other one when they shut down that snack street…. 😦

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