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THAILAND: The Land of Smiles October 6, 2010

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I AM IN AWE… of how much i loveeeeeeee thailand… much props to AC for being the best travel buddy ever!!

bangkok: met nate chu whos saving orphans on the border of burma and thailand… ate hainan chicken, bomb went off, siam paragon, bought some personals… day bazzar market, grand palace, emerald jade buddha, fish spa (where fish eat dead skin off our feetsies), amazing food padthai, thai ice teas.. mango sticky rice. yum yum yum… 🙂

chiangmai: stayed at mountain view christian hostel, nature, rain forest, elephant riding, trekking, bamboo boating, hiking, khun khantaoke dinner, thai dancing and performancing, night bazzar, BEST weekend market shopping ever!!, thai beer, mango sticky rice, $2 pad thai, Thai cooking farm and cooking classes, local wet markets, seeing life of locals, seeing the Scilingo family, Michelle, Randy, Riley, and their newest addition, Mia Corina, and hearing all about what fathers doing in their lives in chiangmai…

phuket: currently here.. enjoying the beauty of a resort and spa… 🙂 QUEEN SIZE bed with VIP service… free fruit, free internet.. freeeee breakfast!!  ^__^ amazinngg 🙂 going to day spa, facials, peds, mani, thai massages… ^__^ and phi phi island, beach, with banana boating, parasailing, snorkeling ^_^

things we’ve learned about thailand, myself, and AC  (in no particular order)…

  • people here are ALL smiles, polite, good service, weve been treated well…
  • bathrooms are always clean
  • heavily buddhist and needs JC
  • theres tons of temples, shrines and goddy things everywhere
  • 7/11 has good coconut yogurt
  • its super relaxing here
  • lots of pretty pple
  • funny thai guys
  • we’ve lived through a bomb explosion
  • rain only happens at night while sleeping, and beautiful sunny clouds during the day (PTL, thanks JC)
  • lots to do everyday…
  • lots of europeans travel to thailand
  • cheap good food
  • fruit is AMAZINGLY tropical
  • lots of ministry opps here from church planting, human trafficking, education… tons. 🙂
  • thailand is #1 for plastic surgery and transgendering =(
  • i am a lady of leisure
  • i am stronger and can rough it more than i thought…
  • i have a strong immune system.. 🙂
  • perfect balance of planning, relaxing, and enjoyyying 🙂
  • we’ve been blessed EVERY SINGLE STEP of the way.. 🙂
  • im very hairless… ^_^
  • i LOVE my itouch and free wifi… shoulda discovered it earlier
  • andrea sleeps with melatonin
  • andrea cant handle spice… and i cant do thai super spice
  • thai food is pretty easy to make, cooked green curry, pad thai, basil chicken with cashews, coconut milk soup, and mango sticky rice
  • we LOVE mango sticky rice
  • i like papayas and papaya flavored things
  • i like thai milk tea in thailand
  • Andrea has impeccable planning skills… looks up things well
  • a baht is worth 30 to 1 usd
  • our songs of the trip are:  Just the way you are by bruno mars and Your love is strong by John Foreman
  • andrea and i only know one line from each song….
  • i loveeeee queen size beds at resorts. 🙂
  • i miss corn flake cereal
  • i’m a very responsible and smart packer
  • we’ve met many interesting people
  • thailand is an AWESOME honeymoon/babymoon spot (note for future)
  • phuket beaches dont have pple lying on the beach but have beach chairs lined up for people to rent and sit on..
  • sittting at a poolside bar eating prosciotto gourmet pizza and a smoothie is amazing
  • being cute and smiling gets you free drinks at the bar ^_^
  • sunsets are beautiful
  • playing in the beach is nice, lying on the beach getting tan, and the water is warmer here
  • thai massages are like lazy man’s yoga

… will continue list as we go.. ^_^

After Thailand, we’re off to singapore to see HANSON AND JAMES!!!!!! ^___^ YAY!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

photo upload when back in HK… ^__^ taken over 1000 pix.


One Response to “THAILAND: The Land of Smiles”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Aww sounds like so much fun. I wish I was with you enjoy everything. Can’t wait to talk to you :)! Miss ya!

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