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The secret wonders of peanut butter. September 19, 2011

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Have you ever got gum stuck in your hair? I admit, when I was a mean girl, I spat gum in this one girls hair. PTL that she doesn’t hate me to this day… but that was messed up.

Anyway, last weekend, my Rhema Cell Group here in SH, we went to retreat in Moganshan (about 3 hour bus ride from SH). It was BEAUTIFUL to get away and breathe some fresh air. 🙂 We went hiking and just enjoyed…

which one is taisa? which one is me?  i know its hard to tell..




one thing that was pretty sad was CN was missing a C… but she was having a blast in Paris, so its okay… 🙂

but we did have baby janie come along too and we did  some learning and mandatory fun together…


So besides hiking and learning, we also played card games like the taiwanese genre game and egyptian rat screw… it was fun.



afterwards we had a bbq…

so we made smoreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss thanks to our dear canadian friend TAISA for bringing the goods. 🙂 it was the first time some had a smore, especially the french. 🙂


and while we were enjoyinggggggggg the delicious smores… jess, got too excited and got it into taisa’s hair! I seriously was laughing hysterically cause it was just such a funny sight!

and thus… the idea and returning to the title of this blog post… I thought about how peanut butter takes gum out of hair (dont believe me try it)… and i made the deduction that it must do the same for marshmellow… and low and behold… I BROUGHT peanut butter. talk about being prepared… and so we tried…

to be honest… i couldnt believe that taise trusted me that much and let me put slabs of peanut butter in her hair.. but i guess thats better than chopping it off… so it was worth the risk. 🙂


iiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttttt wassssssssss weellll worth it.

moral of the story. be prepared. always bring peanut butter. it saved taisa’s beautiful Ukrainian barbie like hair. 🙂

and if you still don’t believe me after this lovely story…


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