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Street food in hong kong October 5, 2011

Filed under: for fun — chinabean @ 3:25 am

I don’t like seafood. And because of that many say I am not truly cantonese… But I reckon it’s cause I’m a lazy eater… It takes too much effort to pick out bones and crack shells, etc. Not to mention the smellyness of the sea. Lol… But I must say i do enjoy deep fried and bite size things…(not exclusive of each other) Like i can always do fish and chips or fried calamari with lemon and fresh dipping sauce Not to mention canto walnut prawns with mayo sauce which is both deep fried and bite size…. Winner winner chicken dinner šŸ™‚ also i do like fish balls…and when they’re boiled for days in hk street curry, they become magical. šŸ˜€



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