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Singapura: The Merlion City October 7, 2011

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This part of my vacation has been so relaxing and fun. Being able to wake up late, having a chill morning, eating kaya toast, soft boiled egg and teh tarik in the morning… and then just exploring on my own is nice.

The introvertedness of me comes out even when traveling… so the mornings with quality QTs and rest are nice, but its SO great to see good friends like Angela and James. I’m definitely blessed.

Right after I landed, I headed straight to James’ basketball game. It was fun… they won! Here’s Coach Kuang in action.


A couple of weeks ago…. roomie cattie told me that blogs have a theme… and my blog, well.. if you havent noticed, i have an unconcious theme of food.  So im gonna start dedicating my blog entires to the amazing foods i eat.

first night we went to the Esplanade in Marina Sands. The Hawker we went to is called Glutonous Bay, appropriately named. We had Grilled Stingray, Roti, Pineapple Fried Rice, Satay Kong Xin Cai, and I had Calamansi with Plum as well as a Papaya Milk Drink. So good.


The Esplanade/Marina Sands has such a beautiful view and we caught the laser light show.


Next morning, I ventured out to Orchard to get myself some Kaya Toast. Last year, when Andge and I came Hannah taught us the ways of the Singaporeans. 🙂 and it was definitely JUST as if not EVEN MORE delicious than my memory of it…


I also did some exploring.. and ended up in Chinatown. I swear my Popsicle has brainwashed me to find the Chinatown wherever I go travel… 🙂 but there’s some nostalgia to that too.


For dinner, we went to Little India. I didnt get to go last year because I remember that we were going to go on a Sunday.. and its not always best to go to Little India on a Sunday afternoon. So we had dinner at The Banana Leaf. It was DELISH. Butter Chicken with Garlic Naan. YES PLEASE! 🙂


and we topped it off with ice cream made of soy and chillin’ at james’ place.



Thanks so much to James and Angela!! 🙂


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  1. Jessica Says:

    one day i need to go traveling with you.

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