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The perfect potsticker October 15, 2011

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My dear friend wen gave me some homemade jiao zi’s a couple weeks ago… I’ve been really enjoying the freshness (though they’ve been in the freezer) of the dumplings, especially bc they’re made by her local Ayi and man, these beats the store bought ones ANY day!

We’ll back while I was in high school my dad would wake up almost every morning (come to think of it, EVERY morning) to make us breakfast… Some of which today are my favourite foods! Thanks, popsicle!!!

Anyway, sometimes he made potstickers and when I went off to college he taught me how to make the perfect 锅贴.

First step is boil the dumplings in water in a flat pan (preferably a frying pan).

Step 2: cover and let boil and steam the dumplings.

Step 3: When the skin is partly transparent, pour out most of the water… Leave as much water that will cover the bottom of your pan.

Step 4: Drizzle oil on top of the dumplings.

Step 5: Turn heat lower, let the water evaporate and if you put adequate oil it will pan fry.

Step 5: Mix sauces (my favourites are hot sauce, lil soy sauve, vinegar, and sesame oil) and enjoy!




One Response to “The perfect potsticker”

  1. rebe :) Says:

    i just wanted to let you know that … you da bomb digity!
    i really like looking at your pics and reading your posts 🙂

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