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The Joys of Being a Queen… November 5, 2011

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In my Year 1 (Y1) Class everyday, we focus on phonics sounds,digraphs, blends, onsets & rhymes using chants and motions. It’s proven for English as an Additional Language (EAL) learners, it’s vital to use repetition and motions to learn language.

so every day my 6 year olds stand up get their pretend apples ready and start the chant… (that doesnt want to paste on…

when they get to the Qq letter they see this…

q is for queen


or some sort of card like such.

for the letter Qq, they chant /q/ /q/ /q/ueen… and pretend to put a crown on their head. Recently, my kids instead of just saying “/q/ /q/ /q/ueen…” they say now, /q/ /q/ /q/ueen CHRISTINE. (i did mention it one time… but was completely joking). but Hey it does have a ring to it. 🙂

So, it’s Eason’s 6th Birthday this past thursday… (what a cutie!)

and the cutie made his mummy make me this… and said “Miss Christine this is for you!”

Honestly, I saw it and wasnt sure how to respond… Eason’s mum who was standing near eme explains, “it’s a bee.” She continues to tell me the story of what i told you above of how they chant… and she explains further, “So Eason, said that he’s been learning in Science class, that Bee’s make honey. and there’s a Queen Bee that controls all the other honey bee’s. and that Miss Christine is a queen too and so she’s the Queen Bee!”

all this from a 6 year old. Pretty awesome word connection. 🙂 soo you can call me queen bee. ^__^ or at least thats what Eason calls me now. ^_^

from the photo you cannot tell its handmade soap, olive oil shea butter and lavendar. 🙂


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