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In Awe. December 3, 2011

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I am in awe of the relentlessness, patience, sovereignty of Our Gd, the HS, and the redemptive work of JC!

This being said in 2006, after I went back to Cali from my STM in BJ… I was challenged my my teammates to “prepare” to come back… I signed up for Chinese 001 for a quarter, and my professor was visiting professor from BJ. We hit it off right away and we spent a lot of time hanging out… Taking her to Walmart, having dinners with her , etc. she was in Davis alone whole her family (husband & son) were in BJ.

Later, when they arrived in Davis I became a “part” of the family. My grad school year I went over to their house to eat at least once a week and hey came over a couple times too. I had brought them to chrch a couple times… But 老师 wasn’t interested but her hubs enjoyed going…

When I moved to 上海 I saw her and her family bc they moved back to 北京. So new years of 2009, I went to visit Beijing and saw her and her family and got to see their humble abode and had an awesome meal with them. I was so blessed to see them.

We’ve lost


We’ve lost touch since… But this morning I get this email from the mandarin Pstr at DCCC saying…

“Hi Christine,

How are you? Are you in China.
This morning I talked to Wei Ping and she said that you were her student and brought her to DCCC.
Wei Ping is teaching at Un. Ohio and she and her husband will come to DCCC on 12/11.
I will baptize them.

Mondy Chen at DCCC”

I am in awe. Angels surely are rejoicing in heaven, in shanghai, in Beijing, in Davis… And now also will be in ohio. 🙂

We have a great and mighty Gd.


2 Responses to “In Awe.”

  1. Regina Says:

    oh my gosh christine!!! i stumbled upon your blog and read this entry… so blessed by this story. thank you for sharing it. wow!!!

  2. cindy Says:

    Awe-some 🙂

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