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PTL December 11, 2011

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I woke up to a FB msg from my high school friend, that said… “Hey, I saw there was an accident at the flowershop today… family, ok?”


I called the flowershop, and my mom answers in her usual chipper voice, “Hello, Mountain View Grant Florist, how may I help you?”

“Hey mom”

“whaa why your voice sound so bad?”

“im sick…. anyway… how are you doing??”

“ahh i am with a customer, i call you later..? ahh and i have some exciting news to tell you, ah!”

“mom, i heard there was an accident, are you okay??”

“ahh you already heard the news, there is a CAR inside the flowershop. a lady ran her car into the flowershop. i okay, just little blood. I call you later yah?”


“yes. i call you later. i with a customer right now. i love you.”

“love you too mom.PTL youre okay. ”

anyway… find out later that yes. my mom is fine.. there was some glass that flew and hit her and made her bleed a little. what could have turned into a freak accident, was definitely a MIRACLE BY GOD.

here’s the emails I received from Momma Chan in regards to the accident.

“I am so thankful that God is watching over us all times.  This Cantonese lady about 30 years old ran into our shop with her mini cooper at around 11:00 am on 12/6.  She felt that the car had some problem and press on the brake but stepped on the gas instead.  She came right through to the front glass door and went right through to the fridge door and parked right there.  It was amazing that I was not hurt.  I was right behind the back fridge door and got ready to open the door.  Good thing I didn’t or else glasses would be all over me.  Duet 33: 24-29.  Praise God.  He hides me under His Wing.  HE defeated all our enemies and HELP us at every situation.  He protected both me and the driver.  We were not hurt but frighten.  I share the gospel with Anna Lam.  There were so many small pieces of glass all over the floor.  It is a lot clean up to do.  Please keep us in prayers.  Love and bless you all.  Mom and dad”


this one follows it within two minutes.

“The minute I heard the crash sound.  I praise the Lord for sparing my life.  Life is too short.  I could have dropped dead right there.  There is time for everything.  If the Lord is us, who can be against us.  I took Po to the doctor with Kung yesterday from 10:30 tilll 2:30 ( 2 doctors)  Straight no lunch.They expected too much.  Kung told me to close the shop for good and said I am just too greedy to keep the flower shop.  One day we have to work even though we are sick. They are already old, we have to spend time taking care of them.  I rebute that curse in Jeuses name.  He is so good to me.  This is a miracle that nothing happened to me, I am still sound and safe.  Praise God.  Please get closer to the Lord.  He is our Helper, Counselor, Provider, Creator and Deliverer.  Just Let God and Let Go.  Nothing really matters when something like this happens.  He still hides me over His wings and protects me.  Halleluah. Praise God”


My mom told me she shared the gospel with the lady, and shes going to church with her today. 🙂 AMAZING. My mom is such a strong woman of f8th! 🙂 SO THANKFUL for her.. though she’s at times crazy. 🙂 but arent we all… maybe just a lil bit. some more than others. 🙂

my expression when my mum told me the story… and hers. well not at the exact time… but pretty spot on. 🙂 this is from our alaskan cruise this summer.


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