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THE Move to HK ^__^ April 15, 2013

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Although it has never been officially announced, it is true, the move to HK is actually happening. After finishing up this school year at YKPAO, I will be moving on to HK to teach at a start up school in Sheung Wan, HK.

I’ve been pr@ying about it since last August and since the Lrd gave the okay to go forward… it’s been a whirlwind of logisitics and planning and asking the right questions to be lead to where I am today. However, this past weekend as I was filling out a debriefing/inventory for my past close to five years here in CN, I realised that I haven’t  allowed myself to emotionally recognise I am leaving til now.

The fact is that Shanghai has become a real sweet place for me and my relationship with Gd. It’s amazing. I cannot even begin to imagine how I will be able to say good bye to my roommies, friends, community, colleagues, students, ayi’s, breakfast man, hair washing ladies, masseuses, this CNC apt, etc… 🙂

So as I, begin to bring “closure” to this chapter of my life in the next 98 days.. may I walk ever so close to the Lrd, recognising that he prepares my steps.  Reading Re-Entry by Peter Jordan… even though i’m not re-entering, rather transitioning… but still.


more to come…


2 Responses to “THE Move to HK ^__^”

  1. daniellui Says:

    Crazy Christine! keep trusting in dad, find some good time to process :).

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