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T-4 days July 16, 2013

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#4: Shanghai Community Fellowship Church.

This past Sunday was my last Sunday at SCF. They have this tradition if you have been worshiping with them for 6 months or more they encourage you to stand up and share where you are going… (My speech that i cried through is below, for those of you who couldnt understand me)


One thing I really love about SCF is how it models after the first century chrch in the fact that purely by location it draws in people from all walks of life. and the second thing i love most is how international and how it is a glimpse of the glry of heaven… 🙂

My good bye speech:

Hello church,

I didnt know this day would come so soon but here it is.
My life is characterized by a Gd that has blssed me incredibly much so to blss many more.
I’m Christine from the USA and I’ve been here in shanghai for almost 4 years and have grown to really love this city.
 I’m an international school teacher here and am moving on to God’s next assignment for me in HK
to invest in eternity and raise Gd fearing children.
Thank you to the leadership, pastor dale and becky for your example and shepherding hearts, the faithful prayer team,
the hospitality team for giving me the privilege to serve, the Rhema cluster famiy from fire to ignite to reign to blaze to risen life.
The Community that He has blessed me here is immeasurably more than I could have asked for or imagined.
Thank you for being my family away from home. And for journeying with me thru this incredible adventure he’s taken me on in SH.
You come to SH as someone and you leave, changed and transformed.
I am incredibly blssed to be able to witness and participate how Gd has been at work in this city and in many of your lives and
I know without a shadow of a doubt that greater things are yet to come in this city!

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