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Landed in HK, first visitor and Lasik’d July 22, 2013

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Home is where the heart is… New Advenutures in HK began today.

Landed and Char&Ben brought me back to the apt. only 27HKD from HK station. AMAZING. then unpacked my bags and have already settled in. Then had my first visitor, VIC! 🙂 what a blssing. 🙂 Her hub use to work around the WC area and so she showed me her favourite shop.. and we had an amazing bowl of yu daan ngao lam hoi fun… 🙂 BEST way to be welcomed into town.

Then went over to P’s house to sleep over and then got lasik’d at 8am…. whoa. what an experience.

I had two songs that I kept singing because I was so nervous. 我要尚高山举目 and Jesus, how I love you… grace to trust you more. Lasik was an experience… thank the Lrd for P to go with me and be with me through the entire thing… what a heaven sent.

1st we went into the place read over the warnings etc. saw the dr. two steps happen.  from my understanding, first step they put eye drops into your eyes and that separate the cornea and the eyeball. At this stage there was some fear because they tell you to look at the two rings of light.. but as they put the clamp/suction on your eye.. you begin to not be able to see… and then I thought, oh no, my eye is not in the right place.. and so there was some panic. The nurse also preps you not to talk so there fore I didn’t really say anything even though I was a bit panicked.

But once Dr. says youre finished with first step.. you go wait in the other room and sit there.. where I kept singing my two songs… there were two other guys that were in the surgery room with me. one before me one after.. and they could tell I was nervous and I kept telling them im faint hearted. and they kept reassuring me it’ll be okay haha.

Then they put an antespectic on your eye (yellow iodine) and then they take you into the surgery lasik room. The dr tells you to look at a green light.. and you have to focus on the green light.. then you can smell the burning of your eye.. and then you see him putting stuff on your eye and then moving the flap and all the stuff.. youre completely awake. but you MUST focus on the green light.. that wavers in its brightness and clarity… and before you know it, the Dr says, okay done. 🙂

right away you can kinda see but blurry… the eyes are really sore. ptl I can type with my eyes closed… ive been resting at P’s place and just wearing these ski like bug like goggles to ensure I don’t rub my eyes as they heal. pr for continued full restoration and recovery!

waking up from an afternoon nap and being able to see was one of THE most amazing things… ever. 🙂


The blind will see. PTL. 🙂

Gd… im ready for the new assignments here in HK… 🙂 prepare me for all you want to do in and through me.


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