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YL Hard Thoughts April 27, 2015

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This is an AMAZING story from my fellow YL Leader, Rob!

Rob's Blogs

In Young Life, we do a great job of celebrating the successes. The kids whose lives went from nowhere to somewhere, from dead-end to star-studded. Jesus has a way of making glorious redemption stories, and we love to celebrate those times and those kids.

But maybe we don’t always do the best job of communicating the failures, the heart-aches, and the tragedies. Yesterday, we celebrated the life of a young man who touched the lives of many in a way that few could, yet we also mourned the loss of a life with more potential than we had probably ever seen in our years of ministry. Jake came into our lives bigger than life itself, wearing a batting helmet and a 10,000 watt smile. His was a life on a collision-course with disaster, but through the efforts of numerous teachers, coaches, friends, Young Life leaders, and pastors, Jake came to…

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YoungLives HK April 24, 2015

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AMAZING MINISTRY in HK! GOd is so at work and so amazed that we get to be a part of it!

The Powell's In HK

IMG_5906If you look back over our strategic plans and, ahem… very thoughtful ministry strategy of the past two years, you wont find a single mention of YoungLives– Young Life’s ministry to teen moms.  But thanks to a number of faithful women, and my awesome wife, there won’t ever be another plan in Hong Kong without it.

We’re still measuring the age of this ministry in weeks (probably appropriate), but every new week brings more and more girls.


We’re so excited about the humble beginnings of this new ministry in Hong Kong and the opportunities it presents to partner with churches, hospitals, and even the Hong Kong government.  But mostly, we’re excited about the sweet, young, local mothers and their babies now being cared for by an awesome growing team of leaders, some of whom are pictured below.

IMG_5907A simple and replicable model is being developed with hopes to…

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