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concentration August 17, 2013

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It’s important to concentrate. Often times, I find that I multitask so much that I get frustrated when I cannot. These past years I have discovered two things in which i cannot do while multitasking: 1. driving 2. playing piano.

Yesterday, I said good-bye to a dear friend, Janey who is leaving HK for now to go to Barcelona for MBA program. She decided to get her friends together for an ART JAM (where we pay a fee and get a canvas and four hours to paint out year hearts content).

My back and eyes were in pain at the end of four hours.. but it was such an amazing way to spend a really hard first week at work… So much fun to relax concentrate and just veg for the Friday evening.

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SO thus, I have added one more, as of last night, to my list of things i cannot multitask and do:

1. driving

2. piano playing

3. art jamming

it’s good to know, when i need a brain loadoff.


Beijing Jian Bing August 1, 2013

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I shoulda learned how to make jian bing in Shanghai and sold them here in HK…  what a steal! Haha… Thankful I got my fix when I was there…



Once was once 3.5RMB has now become 31HKD. sigh.


T-3 days. Last 72 hours… July 17, 2013

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#3. The Home of CNC.



All 168 square meters of it… the small details that my landlord puts into that makes it really a home. 🙂 I love my room, the space, the lighting, the secret rooms, special doors, mirrors, glass panels… and yes… even the seven flights I will miss. 🙂 We’ve also been blessed to have an amazing understandable and gracious landlord that Gd prepared to be my student’s parents! PTL!! I love CNC home on thursdays evenings especially when our amazing ayi finishes doing her magic at our home.  


City of Beijing July 10, 2013

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Beijing Empire State of Mind- hoping for one for SH one day… and maybe i should get started on the HK one now… 😉


T-13days til big move!


Happy Early Father’s Day! June 13, 2013

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Santa scares baby! December 24, 2012

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Baby Gavin’s first Christmas!




china funnies September 24, 2012

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i cannot believe how incredibly funny i find these to be. if you’ve ever lived in one of these places… i hope it makes your monday blues go away… 🙂

for the shanghaier.

for the hong kongies.


you’re welcome.